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  My first love was crystals. My grandmother had them everywhere, so her home quickly became my sanctuary as a child. Every visit, she taught me something new - from the mysteries of the tarot, to astrology, to the spirit world. But my focus was always on the stones. Amethyst, Quartz, Agate, Fluorite, Tourmaline, Labradorite… I would spend the day arranging them in patterns, sharing stories that I’d learned from the energies in the stones. The only thing that could pull me away was an art project - and since my grandmother was also an artist, this happened often. It wasn’t until my adult life though, that I realized the potential of combining my two loves, and the magic that could result.


If you’ve ever meditated with a crystal in your hands, you can probably understand the healing and manifestation potentials behind using them in a focused pattern. The arrangements that I use and the types of crystals vary and, while there are spiritual meanings out there for each, every person connects in their own way. I ask that you set those guidelines aside and just feel. Follow your intuition for which crystals and arrangement resonate with you; where you’ll display it; and how you’ll connect with the crystals once they’re home. You can touch the crystals and let yourself feel where their energy comes together. Focus your thoughts in that spot, sending your intentions through your hand to the crystals — or from your breath as you speak your affirmation out loud. I like to regularly blow on the crystals, as a way to keep my connection (as well as combat dust).


That connection and desire to touch the crystals is what led me to forgo the glass. It also led to the decision to avoid glue. I kept picturing some kind of accident happening — someone’s kid drawing all over it, or something getting spilled on it — and then wanting to re-use the crystals that I’d grown so attached to over the years. So I settled on tying, rather than gluing the crystals. I made my first one in 2014 and, seven years later, they’re still holding strong. 


Admittedly, I don’t think I ever sold more than 75 framed grids back then. You see, I was struck by a dark night of the soul. The kind that makes you reevaluate your entire world. I had a journey to navigate before I could put the proper energy and intention into my work again—something that matters quite a lot with crystals. But, as receptive as crystals are to their surrounding energies, I think they’re just as powerful influencers of it, and I have my crystals to thank for keeping me going during that time; at the very least, as a tool to help focus my mind. My other focus landed on painting, and my crystal grids made another evolution as a result.


Every grid is completely handmade — every design is hand painted and every crystal is hand chosen and carefully attached. Sometimes it feels like the crystals have a mind of their own, and I try to remain receptive to that in choosing my designs and arrangements. My art is constantly changing/evolving, so check back often for new designs. I have some really cool stuff planned for the future. For custom requests please email me at benemrysart@gmail.com.


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